Are Cotton Block Printed Scarves in Fashion in 2024?

Cotton Block Printed Scarves

Girls have always been very active in fashion and trends. Hence, they are aware of the changing fashion. Block printing is one such art and technique that has been popular for a long time, and the scarves made from it have also been a trend from before, but yes, in today’s time, its fashion has developed very fast. Women hand-block print fabric scarf is considered stylish, and nowadays, it is included in the fashion collection, which is why it is very popular and demanding in 2024.

Tulinii has a huge collection of block print scarves available in all colours and designs. These scarves are versatile, so you can wear them in many ways, like casual, official, or traditional outfits. Scarves also protect you from sun and dust because it is very difficult to go out in the sun so that you can use them as a cover-up.

There are many reasons why cotton block printed scarves are in fashion, and they are as follows:

Versatility: Cotton scarves are in fashion these days because they are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. You can use them as a face cover-up when going out in the sun, wear them daily at home, and wear them with any dress at a party or function. You can also use them as a sarong during beach parties or outings.

Durability: Beach scarf cover-ups are popular and in fashion these days because they are made of high-quality material that does not wear out easily. You can wear it on a regular basis and can also wash it daily. The scarfs made by our artisans are durable and long-lasting; hence, they do not get damaged quickly.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Block-Printed Scarves are made using traditional artisanal techniques and heritage, and they look attractive. The print is done by craftsmanship that adds a handmade touch to each scarf. These scarves are best for people who look for artisanal craftsmanship in their fashion choices.

Eco Friendliness: Indian Sarong is made from 100% cotton and organza material; hence, it is eco-friendly as well as best for the environment. You can wear cotton scarves in any season, but they are especially worn in the summer. Due to this friendliness, it is in fashion today and is developing.

Conclusion –

All these reasons make the Cotton Block Printed Scarves offered by Tulinii popular and fashionable. Due to all these reasons, these scarves will be present in a huge fashion collection in 2024. You can purchase scarves of your choice. Also, we provide you with sarongs at budget-friendly prices!!

How Can We Use Hand Block Print Makeup Bags For Other Purposes?

Hand Block Print Makeup Bags

Absolutely, the uses of a cotton makeup bag are much more than just storing makeup items because these bags are so versatile. You can use it for many purposes, which we will discuss here. A makeup bag is used not only to store makeup but also to store cosmetic items, toiletry kits and small accessories. Makeup bags are also called hygienic bags because they are made of 100% cotton and are friendly, and your products remain completely safe in them.

Tulinii has hand-block print cosmetic bags available in many varieties, and you can explore all of them here. Toiletry bags are used in all houses, and if you use plastic bags instead of cotton, it can harm the environment. Plastic bags are not hygienic, so you cannot keep skin regarding items in them.

Let us know what the uses of Hand Block Print wash Bag are and for what other purpose they can be used apart from makeup –

1. You can use the makeup bag to make a toiletry kit which contains all your essential items. This is the best option for those who always want to keep a toiletry kit with them.

2. Block-printed toiletry bags are portable; hence, they are also called travelling bags, and you can use them while travelling. You can carry your makeup and toiletry essentials in these while travelling.

3. These bags are also used to store skin care products and jewellery because your items remain completely safe in them. You can always keep skin care products with you, along with essential and valuable accessories.

4. This bag is also a good option for storing essential medicines, so you can use it while travelling or for storing medicines at home.

Why you should get Indian hand block print makeup bags from Tulinii –

Tulinii is the best provider and manufacturer by joining with whom you can get makeup bags; not only this, but we also provide you with the products at affordable rates. Our artisans manufacture bags for you using top-quality materials. You should purchase bags from us because our makeup bags are budget-friendly, portable, eco-friendly, versatile and durable.

Are Jewellery Drawstring Pouch Customizable?

Jewellery Drawstring Pouch

Yes, personalised jewellery pouches are customisable, and we offer customisation options based on your branding requirements and preferences. We have many customisation options available, so if you want to customise your bags, stop worrying about it. You can customise the bags according to your brand logo, size, colour, and design.

Customisation is very important for anything, and demand is increasing today. Tulinii provides you with many options so you can discuss your choice with us. We provide you with custom printed jewellery pouches, which you can get at very reasonable prices. 

Here Are Some Essential Customization Options for the Drawstring Pouch:

Colour and Fabric Selection: We have many colour and fabric pouches available, so you can select any colour and fabric pouch that fits your preferences. You can customise the colour and fabric of your choice, as we have many options available.

Packaging Labels and Tags: Labels and Tags are extremely helpful in identifying your company or brand so that you will have many customisation options. We customise Labels and Tags on your accordion jewellery pouches so that you can provide your customers with relevant information about your business and brand.

Brand Logo printing: The best option for customisation is brand logo printing because you need to get the logo printed on the pouch to identify your brand. We print your company logo on custom cotton pouches and add a professional touch to the packaging.

Size, design and Shape: This option allows for customising jewellery pouches. You can customise the pouches according to your size, design and shape. You can make pouches according to your jewellery size or space, which is your best option.

Conclusion –

You can get custom drawstring jewelry bags from Tulinii, and as we told you, you would have many customisation options available. Apart from this, our pouches are also versatile, eco-friendly, sustainable and portable which can be used best for you!!

What Is The Best Time To Wear A Cotton Block Printed Scarves?

Cotton Block Printed Scarves

Scarves are an essential thing for girls, and they are worn as an outfit. If you want to know what the best time to wear a Block Print Scarf is, then let us tell you that scarves are versatile, so you can wear them anytime and in any style. Yes, there are some times when you can wear a sarong, which we will discuss here.

Tulinii has block print sarong available for you in wide varieties, colours, and sizes, the uses of which we will discuss here. You can wear it to enhance your look. As we said, these scarves are such versatile accessories that you can wear anytime and at any time, but the right time to wear them depends on the occasion and situation. Let’s know when and how you can wear the scarf cover-up:

Summer days: The best time to wear a scarf is summer days because, in summer, it is difficult to go out of the house without covering the face. Girls are very protective of their skin; hence, these scarves are the best option for them. The best time to wear it is when going out in the sun or on summer days.

Travelling time: The best time to wear cotton scarves can be while travelling as they are very soft and comfortable and also protect you from the cool breeze. You can wear it with your travelling outfit and change your look.

Casual days: You can wear an Indian Sarong on casual days as it is made of very comfortable fabric and is made casually. To make your official look more attractive, you can wear it with an office outfit.

Beach parties: The best time to wear block print pareo is beach parties, so for those who are fond of beach parties, this is the best option. By wearing this, you can make your look unique and stylish. You can wear these pareo in a stylish look to enjoy beach parties.

Wedding and outing: Women’s Hand Block Print Fabric Scarf also gives you a traditional look, so you can wear it at a wedding or any occasion. You can carry it on outings or picnics and enjoy your picnic in a comfortable manner.

Why you should choose Tulinii for Cotton Block Printed Scarves –

Just as we mentioned here, what the best time to wear a scarf is. Similarly, you should also know who the best provider or manufacturer is. By joining Tulinii, you can purchase scarves of any variety and enjoy affordable rates. If you can use the scarf as a pareo or sarong, please get in touch with us.

Where Can You Get Hand Block Print Makeup Bags In Bulk?

Hand Block Print Makeup Bags

Are you looking for the best makeup bags or cosmetic bags to keep your cosmetics and want to keep your cosmetic items safe? Then you are at the right place. To keep makeup or cosmetics, you can purchase hand-block print makeup bags by Tulinii as they are affordable and the best manufacturer. These bags are very important, especially for girls, because they always have to carry a makeup kit with them. If you want to carry toiletry and makeup kit with you at other times, then our cotton bags are the best option.

Let Us Know What Benefits You Can Get By Getting A Cotton Makeup Bag From Tulinii –

People looking for cotton toiletry bags are at the right place because we are providing you varieties of bags that have the following benefits:

1. We have skilled artisans who manufacture makeup bags for you with top-quality materials and block print technology. Block print is an art that has been going on for centuries. Hence, its demand is high all over the world.

2. You should get Toiletry Makeup Bags from us because they are versatile, so they can be used for cosmetics and toiletry kits, skin care products, and essential accessories while traveling.

3. These bags are made from cotton and organic material, so they are 100% eco-friendly and not harmful to the environment. It would help if you used cotton bags instead of plastic bags because your belongings remain completely safe.

4. These are also called traveling bags because they are large in size and can carry your essentials in large quantities. You can keep makeup essentials in these bags and carry them while traveling without any damage or cracks.


If you are considering purchasing hand block print cosmetic bags in bulk, then Tulinii is the best provider for you, and you can think it. With all the benefits given here, you should join us and consider buying the bag. One of the reasons we purchase bags from us is that we provide you with bags at discounted prices when we deal in bulk.

How Tie Dye Personalized Drawstring Pouches Are Beneficial For You

Tie Dye Personalized Drawstring Pouches

To keep valuable things like jewellery, you may need Tie-Dye Custom Logo Jewellery Pouches. Normal or plastic bags are not suitable for this. Tulinii is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and versatile pouches that you can use in a variety of ways. These small sizes are very useful for keeping not only jewellery but also other things.

Know about some benefits and uses of Tie Dy Cotton Drawstring Pouch –

Versatility: In today’s world, only versatile things are in demand because everyone wants to buy a product that can be used in many ways. Tie-dye Cotton Pouches are versatile, and you can use them in many ways, not just one. These bags are used for storing and organizing jewellery, gift packaging, Ayurveda, and cosmetics, and you can also buy them to promote your business and brand.

Customizable: The best benefit of using custom cotton pouches is that you can customize them according to your choice and needs. These pouches are made available with your brand logo and name, and we have many customization options available. You can select the size, design, colour, and pattern of the pouch and buy the pouch according to your needs. The demand for customized things is high, so you can think about it.

Portable: The pouches we provide are not very big and heavy, so they are easy to carry. These bags are portable, so you can easily carry them in your carry bag, suitcase, or shopping bag. They are very easy to carry while travelling and do not take up much space. Now, you can always keep cosmetics or Ayurvedic medicines in these pouches with you, as they do not take up much space.

Durable: Tie-dye wedding favour bags are made from cotton, so they are very durable as well as lightweight. You can use these pouches for a long time because they are long-lasting. These bags can be used repeatedly and are also very easy to maintain. You can wash it regularly; not only this, but it can also be washed regularly because it does not get spoiled easily.

Affordable: If you are short on budget and want to get Tie-Dye Personalized Drawstring Bags at affordable rates, then you should contact us. Our rates are very cheap, so you can also get the bags at very low rates. We also provide you with a discount on purchasing pouches in bulk.

Eco-friendliness: You all must be aware that the use of plastic bags is gradually being stopped because they are harmful to the environment. You should use cotton bags instead of plastic bags which are not harmful for both the environment and your belongings. The bags provided by us are eco-friendly so you can consider it.

What Is Special About Indian Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric?

Indian Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric

Fabrics are the most demanding thing used across the world, and most people use them. Fabric is not only a fashion statement but is also useful for home décor; hence, its use is versatile. If you want to know what is special about hand-block printed cotton fabric, then stay with us. Block print is an art that has been around for a long time, and most people are using it. Block print fabric is always in demand, so if you want to make a stunning dress for yourself and enhance your look, this fabric is the best option for you.

The block print cotton fabric provided by Tulinii can be the best option for you because we provide fabric with various designs and colours. There are many unique things about the fabric made by our artisans, which we will discuss here. This fabric is 100% cotton, so it is eco-friendly and best for you. Fabric is used not just in one way but in many ways, and you can buy fabric of any design that suits you.

Indian cotton fabric has many special features that make it different from all other fabrics –

Vibrant Colors & Unique Design:  Our fabrics are available with vibrant colours & unique designs which look very attractive. You can choose any fabric or colours and design. You can make your look attractive with vibrant colours and also make your home more beautiful. Each design is about cultural and unique artistic heritage.

Timeless Appeal & Artisanal Craftsmanship: Indian print fabric Fabrics have a timeless appeal rooted in cultural heritage and craftsmanship. It is manufactured using traditional techniques, and our artisans create intricate designs on wooden blocks inspired by the spirit of artistry and heritage.

Versatility and Sustainability: Our fabric is versatile and available, so you can use it in many ways. You can make this for yourself as a casual, traditional and official dress because we have all types of designed fabrics available. It can also be used for home decor, such as home accessories. This is a durable and sustainable fabric, so you can use it for a long time so you can think about this fabric.

Natural & eco-friendly Material: This block print fabric is made from natural and cotton material and hence is eco friednly. The demand for friendly things is increasing, so you should consider cotton fabric. Natural fabric is perfect for your skin because it is soft and easy to wash and maintain.

Conclusion –

Connecting with Tulinii allows you to get Indian Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric at affordable rates. It is a large manufacturer and provider of bulk and retail fabric. Considering all these features and benefits, you can get the fabric from us.

The Ultimate Collection of Plain Cotton Pouches for packaging & storing

Plain Cotton Pouches

In an era where eco-friendliness and sustainability are increasing rapidly and have become necessary, it is very important to look for simple but effective methods. Plain Cotton Pouches may be worth considering, an eco-friendly, durable and versatile solution to your needs. As environmental awareness grows, cotton pouches are gaining popularity and demand, not only for their eco-friendly credentials but also for their elegance. Moving towards a more sustainable life is important now, so these packaging pouches are the best blend of practicality and style.

With Tulinii you can meet your jewellery storing and gift packaging needs. These custom drawstring jewelry bags are the perfect option for storing Ayurvedic medicines, soaps and cosmetics. You can use this pouch as luxurious packaging to gift jewellery or cosmetics to your loved one and impress him/her.

Why Buy Cotton Drawstring Bags Over Plastic Bags?

The use of cotton bags is very important to save the environment, reduce the impact of plastic, and protect the country from pollution. Cotton pouches are more effective than plastic bags due to the following reasons:

Eco-Friendliness: Personalized jewellery pouches made from cotton fabric are not harmful to the environment and are helpful in saving the environment. The use of eco-friendly things is increasing daily, so you should completely stop using plastic bags. Plastic bags are a threat to the environment and can also be harmful to things like your jewellery, medicine, or cosmetics. Using cotton bags is the best option to reduce pollution and garbage, and it is also very important to avoid plastic bags.

Unlocking the Versatility: Custom cotton pouches have become so versatile that they can be used multiple times, not just once. You can use these pouches for your jewellery business, ayurveda store or cosmetic store. You can use these bags to store your jewellery and organize it while travelling. You can use these stylish pouches as packaging for gifting at a wedding or any special occasion. It is not possible to use plastic bags in a versatile manner.

The Rise of Sustainability: As sustainability is on the rise, people are looking for custom drawstring bags that are lightweight and sustainable. You can use durable pouches to surprise and impress your customers. Our products are made by skilled workers using great care and high-quality materials, so they can be used for a long time. Plastic bags are not durable and strong, so they may not be a good option for you.

Best for Customization: The demand for customizable bags is increasing very fast and people are getting attracted towards it. It is not possible to customize plastic bags, whereas you can get cotton bags customized according to your needs and wishes. We provide you the facility to customize your size, shape, design and logo. You can use customized pouches to promote your brand.


Plain Cotton Pouches are the best blend of sustainability, versatility, and functionality, and they play the best role in reducing environmental impact. These pouches are much more than a storage solution; they are also used for packaging. Tulinii provides Drawstring Bags for you at affordable and discounted rates, so contact us immediately.

Learn About Some Of The Benefits And Uses Of Getting Plain Cotton Pouches

Plain Cotton Pouches

If you are using plastic bags to store jewellery, then you should know that plastic bags are not good for your jewellery and the environment. These pouches can harm you, so you should use plain cotton pouches. Cotton pouches are the best because they can be used in a versatile manner. They are also durable, so using them can be the best option for you.

Custom drawstring jewellery bags provided by Tulinii keep and store jewellery, Ayurveda items, cosmetics, and wedding gift packaging. They also offer the facility to customize bags. The pouches provided by our artisans have many benefits, which we will discuss in this blog.

Exploring the benefits of jewellery drawstring pouch –

Do you want to know the benefits and uses of cotton pouches? If yes, then read the following points:

1. Our pouches are made of high-quality and durable so that you can store your items in them for a long time. It is perfect for storing jewellery and Ayurvedic items.

2. Using drawstring jewellery pouches can benefit you because they are versatile and can be used in many ways. You can use them for business growth, for storing jewellery, for organizing, and for wedding gift packaging.

3. Our cotton pouches are eco-friendly and, hence, beneficial for you. The demand for eco-friendly things has increased a lot in today’s time, so you should think about them. Besides, your items remain absolutely safe in them.

4. Custom drawstring bags are customizable, so you can use them for your brand promotion. You can get your brand logo printed and purchase the pouch, and you can also customize the size and design of your pouch accordingly.

5. These pouches are portable and travel-friendly, as they are small and can be easily carried. You can keep your jewellery in these and carry it safely while travelling, or you can also carry them in your shopping bag.

6. Using small drawstring pouches can be beneficial for you because they are very easy to maintain. You can easily wash them regularly and can also clean them with a dry cloth.


If you want to increase your customers and grow your business, then you can purchase Plain cotton Pouches provided by Tulinii. These pouches can be the best option because you can use them versatility according to your choice. If you want to buy cotton pouches in bulk and at affordable rates, then contact us because we provide you with pouches at discounted rates.

Block print Fabric: A Versatile and sustainable choice for you

Indian Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric

In today’s time, the trend of block print fabric is increasing very fast because it is an ancient art that has been in demand for a long time. You can use fabric made from this print for fashion and home decor. Most people like block print, hence its demand is high, and fabrics made from it can be a very good option for you. You can use it as a versatile tool, like making any dress for yourself or making home décor accessories.

Tulinii helps provide hand-block-printed cotton fabric. By joining us, you can get many types of fabrics, so you should be aware of them. We provide you with fabric on a large scale, and our prices are also reasonable, so you can get it at the lowest price. Let us tell you about some of its benefits and uses.

Know about some uses and benefits of Hand Block Printed Fabrics –

1. You can use the fabric we manufacture in a versatile way. You can get casual and traditional dresses made for yourself as well as make your home decor accessories like curtains, sofa covers, table covers, and cushion covers.

2. Our skilled artisans create hand-printed fabrics for you using top-quality materials that are durable as well as sustainable. You can use them for a long time because they do not spoil quickly.

3. It is eco-friendly because it is made of cotton, and eco-friendly things are good for the environment, so you can use them well. Cotton cloth is very soft, so it can be very comfortable for you.

4. Block print cotton fabric is very easy to wash and easily maintain. Its use is best for you because you do not need to struggle to wash or clean it.

5. This fabric is manufactured by our artisans using traditional techniques. It is also related to culture and tradition, so it can be best for you. You can also use it to decorate your event or function.

6. You can wear a dress made of this fabric to any function, party, office, or event because it looks very beautiful and also defines Indian culture.


Tulinii is helpful in providing you with block print fabric at affordable and budget-friendly rates. Purchasing this fabric can be the best option for you as it helps enhance your look and make your home attractive. By joining us, you can buy fabric at discounted prices and in bulk and retail, so make sure to contact us today.