Some important reasons to choose Hand block print cotton fabric

Block print Fabric

Block print fabric, produced on a large scale in the world and whose trend has always been going on, is the most unique and best option for those who want to look different and are fond of Indian culture. This art has been prevalent for centuries and still attracts people on a large scale. This fabric is versatile and eco-friendly, which is suitable for all of you whether you use it for home decor or fashion.

Hand block printing is the most ancient, unique, attractive, and real technique. Block printing is done on wooden blocks, which makes the fabric unique. Today, distinct styles of block printing have emerged, and skilled artisans use wooden blocks to create fabric and carry out printing.

In this blog, we will tell you about the beauty and importance of Indian print fabric and also tell you about the reasons why you should purchase this fabric.

Vibrant colours, designs and patterns –

Tulinii has many vibrant colours, designs, and patterns available in Indian cotton fabric, and this fabric is popular because of these. No matter how you use it, it helps give you an attractive look. These help make you, your wardrobe and your home unique and bright. You can take fabric with any design, colour, or pattern because many options are available.

The Artistry of Cultural Heritage –

One of the reasons behind buying the fabric we manufacture is the cultural heritage and our skilled artisans creating this attractive fabric for you. Our craftsmen work with labour, skill, and precision to provide you with excellent options. This fabric is best for those who like handmade and unique things.

Sustainable and versatile choice –

Hand block print fabric has emerged as a sustainable and versatile option, and today’s people prefer sustainable things. We use printing techniques, high-quality materials, and natural colours that make the fabric durable and long-lasting. The uses of this fabric are not limited; you can use it to make dresses, curtains, cushion covers, bed sheets, and table covers.

Eco-friendly and Comfortable –

This cotton fabric, which is not only eco-friendly but also comfortable and, hence, absolutely suitable for the environment. This is an important reason why you should choose cotton fabric because, in today’s time, awareness about the environment is increasing. Hence, cotton fabric has emerged as a good option. It is not only strong but also very comfortable and can be easily maintained.

Customizable and affordable –

We provide you with the opportunity to customize Indian print fabric so you can get the fabric designed as per your requirements, be it colour, print, or size. Our prices are also affordable, so you can get fabric at very low rates. This is the reasons why you should get the fabric provided by Tulinii.


You must have known how getting block print cotton fabric can be beneficial for you and how it is unique. You can support skilled artisans and contribute to the cultural tradition by choosing this.  You should contact Tulinii immediately and consider acquiring this fabric!!